You’ve Lost Me, Motherland!

I’ve stayed with you, yes, decades with you
And lived with you, in spite of you
Not that I’m perfect, that you know quite well
But I’ve stayed, and given, though I could have run, like hell.

“Under the sun, and in the rain”
Was my song, my promise, when our love came of age
Oh what hopes I had that day-
That you, my love, would turn a page

Now I’m finally and slowly waking from my dreams
Though waking late, I’m waking still
Cos this song won’t be sang by my kids
Innocent now, as they hold the Green-White-Green

I won’t ask them to hate you, No;
But I’ll beg them to love another.
It won’t matter that they bear my Naija name
The land of the free will love them all the same.

©chukwudi adepoju. june 2010.

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