Let my Jazz speak for me

©chukwudi adepoju, 07 Nov, 2010.


Let my Jazz speak for me

Like a gentle running stream

Yes, let it speak from me

Letting you into my dreams


Smooth, and gentle, but surely living

Depleting the banks of your reasoning

Deeper than you think, your undoing

Yes, my jazz, deep currents, my thinking


You think you own it, cos you’ve heard it

You’re sure you know it, can sail across this

But like the stream, its strength is gathering

And what you see, stops your imagining


Close now to the ocean, and possibilities

Running now, fast motion, a new identity

‘Cos I’m a river, still growing, much wider, and deeper

And what you see, or hear, is just a rehearsal


©Chukwudi Adepoju. Nov. 2010.




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