Please vote for Muhammadu Buhari on April 09, 2011.

I will try to make this a short one.

I am writing this to you my family and friends, to ask that you to think deeply about the coming April 2011 General elections in Nigeria; that you scrutinize the contestants, and objectively vote for the people you think are the best for Nigeria right now. In fact, I am asking that you vote for Muhammadu Buhari. Here are my reasons.

I have said it a number of times, that I strongly believe that the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan has shown no capacity to deal with our biggest malady – corruption in Government; he has shown that his government is entirely clueless in managing national security and worst of all, he keeps depleting our foreign reserves and excess crude accounts, with absolutely nothing to show for it. (Read “The Economy is Going Down” by Charles Soludo)

I strongly feel that of the main contestants for the post of President, General Muhammadu Buhari has shown the capacity that is required to lead us out of this our big mess of clueless governance and outright bankrupting of the nation; not that he is an economist – he definitely is not; but because he can lead by example, and clean up our federal, state and local government bureaucracy. If our laws are implemented right, we actually do not need new ones to have a great country. I know that Buhari has had a very clean public office record for decades – as former Governor of North Eastern State (under Murtala/Obasanjo); Petroleum Minister (under Obasanjo); Head of State (and Nigeria became sane till IBB set corruption free); as PTF Chairman (under Abacha/Abdusallam).

My initial thoughts on this are penned under “Choosing a Leader for our cooperative Society”.

The following Nigerians that I respect also feel the same about voting Muhammadu Buhari for President in April 2011:

  1. Mallam Nasir el-Rufai: (one of Nigeria’s most-respected technocrats, and a leading member of OBJ’s former economic team) Titled “Why I’m standing by Buhari-Bakare“, here are excerpts:

    “My belief is that the Buhari-Bakare ticket is the strongest because it addresses the concern of Nigerians for an inclusive and balanced ticket of two very strong and competent individuals. It shows greater capacity, track record and evidence of proven ability than the other candidates, to tackle what I consider to be the five most important challenges facing most Nigerians in 2011, which are insecurity and inadequate justice, infrastructure deficits – power, roads, railways, ports, etc.  Unemployment and youth hopelessness, collapse of government institutions and corruption, and collapse of public services, particularly education and healthcare. It is the only ticket that has published a detailed manifesto with clear deliverables, timelines and commitments. The others are either promising nothing in writing (PDP and ANPP) or just unrealistic platitudes (ACN) e.g. 30 million jobs and 5 million homes? -are they kidding?

    “What I had against Buhari (and IBB) running was their relatively advanced age and fact that they were presidents 25 years ago. I felt they should be elder statesmen and leave the stage. My objection had nothing to do with the competence or capacity to be president. With the choice of Bakare and Buhari’s message of inclusion and teamwork, I have dropped my objection. In any case, I think the issue for me is that the B-B ticket is simply the strongest amongst the four we have to choose from. We have all witnessed what Jonathan can do or not do within the last one year. Nuhu is my close friend and I know his strengths as well as his limitations. Shekarau is just running because he can. Only Buhari has an agenda, clear message and track record of getting real things done in his public life. Bakare’s track record of social and activism, his courage and integrity and community service are well known to me and superior to that of all the other “running mates”.

  2. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (the fearless CBN Governor that recently called out the National Assembly on their huge drain on Nigeria’s purse). This is a really great piece he titled “Why I will vote for Buhari”. Includes a detailed analysis of Buhari’s economic policies of 1984/5

    “…let me conclude by saying that if Buhari gets a nomination he will have my vote (for what it is worth). I will vote for him not, like some have averred, because he is a northerner and a Muslim or because I think his candidacy is good for the north and Islam; I will vote for him not because I think he will make a good democrat or that he was not a dictator. I will vote for Buhari as a Nigerian for a leader who restored my pride and dignity and my belief in the motherland.”

  3. Adeolu Akinyemi ( A passionate Nigerian Entrepreneur with a huge following among the youth, especially those that know how to use the internet. He titled his piece “Why I’m voting Buhari-Bakare in 2011 elections“. An excerpt:

    “… In 2011, Buhari is not alone. He’s supported by a team of volunteers online and offline like me, who never voted for him before. We didn’t vote for him, because we didn’t know. We didn’t know that he supervised and birthed our only existing refineries. We didn’t know that what he did in road construction while in the PTF hasn’t been matched by 12yrs of the PDP, even though we claimed they were lopsided. We didn’t know that in his time as head of state he reduced inflation from 23% to 4%, by fiscal discipline and a homegrown economic team (not achieved under any other era, even military). We didn’t know that there was no religious crisis while he led. We didn’t know that JJ Rawlings of Ghana took over 2yrs before him, and killed all the corrupt leaders, while Buhari merely gave his own, long-term jail sentences. We didn’t know that the hospitals and universities around the country never witnessed as much benefits they got from the PTF from any government after or before his time. We did not know, that this man haven been in all the oil sectors in Nigeria, has no petrol station, much less a refinery or an oil rig like so many of our leaders. We never voted him, because we did not know.

    But now we know… We know that he has followership in the north that money can’t buy. We know that those who follow him are poor, and follow him out of hope and belief in his values. I have met old men who know him, who have said… “All I need from Buhari is his word; I can take it to the bank”. Now we know that here is someone that has been in everything to make him a Dan-Something, but didn’t take the road. We feared he was an Islamic fundamentalist, but he challenged us to provide any human being who can point at anything he did to show the same. His Cook and Drivers… two roles that can be influenced to have your life are Christians. In his passion for discipline, he has pulled down mosques, punished emirs, and followed principles over the respect of people. Then this year, to the utter shock of the world, he picks the most radically outspoken no nonsense Christian Preacher in Nigeria to be his vice. Now we know, that it’s about the values, not religion and certainly not the fact that he becomes the first (correct me if I’m wrong) Nigerian president without multiple wives or an array of concubines.”


  4. Sonala Olumhense (a veteran journalist of note), titled his piece “I endorse Muhammadu Buhari for President“. Excerpts:

    “Nigeria needs in office a leader whose word will command respect; a leader who will not speak out of both sides of his mouth; a leader who will deploy power in the national interest and not in the massaging of his own bloated ego and the greed of his friends.

    Nigeria needs a leader who is capable of holding himself and those around him to high standards of accountability and performance, not one who simply preaches about them in public.

    Nigeria needs a man who has demonstrated he can stand up to Nigeria’s army of the rich and influential, not one whose friends, colleagues and mistresses are exempt from the law.

    Nigeria needs a man who will be consistent from day to day, not one for whom right and wrong depends on the company or the time of day.  Nigeria needs a man who can tell opportunity from opportunism; a man who can resist the greed, insensitivity and ethical nothingness that now defines the country.

    There are many people asking to be president of Nigeria next May, but only Buhari truly meets these basic considerations.  Only he answers the question: “Who is Nigeria’s best hope for halting and reversing the deterioration and decay?”

    Only he can change the questions and seek new answers.  He can bring in new men and women of character, and throw open a genuine new beginning anchored on public service.   He can slam the doors on indolence and compromise, and unlock the cellars where the PDP hopes the bodies will never be discovered.

    I wholeheartedly endorse his candidature for President of Nigeria because he has the capacity to bring a sense of responsibility and mission to governance.  If he does, implementing budgets and policies will become standard, and good men and women will have a place in our nation head of the mob of monsters.

    All of this is possible because Buhari has character.  In Pastor Tunde Bakare, he has also chosen another man of integrity.  Through action, not loud rhetoric, they can correct the principal weaknesses that have made Nigeria an underachieving and under-developing country.”


Nobody is saying Buhari is a messiah or that he rebuild Nigeria all by himself, but I know that when you have someone in the highest office in the land that is looking after your interests and not his own pecuniary appetite or that of his cronies/godfathers, it is much easier to build a great nation.

I am ready to answer questions you may have about Buhari or about how his team plans to give Nigeria a better deal than we have been having since 1999.

If I cannot answer your questions, I will pass them on to his team, and they will get back to you quickly.

Finally, don’t let your voting be based on the sentiments of ethnicity or religion or age. Let’s rebuild this nation, and give ourselves a chance at greatness.

God bless Nigeria, and God bless you.

Comments are welcome :D

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