How they plan to ‘Islamise’ us all!

The year 2015 draws near, an all-important election year for Nigeria.

I have heard the rumours, that if our brothers from Northern Nigeria win the February 2015 general elections, they will make us all muslims within four years. But if I may say so myself, that is very slow thinking. The real people that plan to islamise us are not waiting till 2015. They want to do it now. They want to islamise us RIGHT NOW.

Contrary to what you would expect, these people are not interested in islamising us exactly; not really. What they plan to do is to terrorise us, destabilise us, decimate us, and somehow, it all got lost in translation. So for the purpose of disambiguation, I will once in a while, call it their original intention, which is to “destabilise us”.

Let me tell you about them. It is very difficult to describe them by their looks, simply because they look like us, have our accents, and they wear the very same clothes that we would wear on special occasions. For some of them, it is specially sown “etibo”, with gold links and gold cufflinks to match. For some, it is a flowing “embroidered agbada”, and for some others still, it is the “babariga”. A few red caps strewn here and there, but they very rarely wear suits. Some wear military uniforms though. They speak different languages at home with their wives and children, enjoying the delicacies from all the tribes and tongues they now hope to divide. But when they meet at night (yes, they always meet and plan at night), they speak only “money”.

The only thing they all have in common is their love of money. They worship the thing. And this plan to islamise or destabilise us is just the means to an end. You see, they are benefitting from some situations that they would love to see continue. They want the status quo ante maintained at the very least. And why not? One of them retired as military top brass a few months ago, and immediately started running for Governor in his home state. My suspicion is that he made a whole lot of cash when he was in charge of buying weapons, and uniforms and food for our military. Or how does one begin to come to terms with a retired public servant having so much money at his disposal to run for elective office in Nigeria?

If we back-track a little bit, sometime in 2006 someone must have told them that some book-book people in the United States (also called a “think-tank”) predicted that Nigeria will cease to be a country by 2015, although this dubious claim has been denied over and again by the American government and her representatives. This prophecy of doom was (at first) shocking, and unbelievable, and while they held their jaws in contemplation of what this riddle meant, an opportunity presented itself in the name of a terrorist organisation. It is to the Americans we must look again, for the motto of these people. The creed they live by is:

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”

This line of thinking is a bit hard to imagine for the people saddled with the task of resolving the crisis, but going by events in the past few years, it is easier to believe that some malevolent spirit must have whispered the following Ahitophelian counsels into their ears:

“What if we don’t do our very best to resolve this crisis in the North East? What if we just let our boys face the evil of boko haram ill-equipped, and ill-motivated?”

“Maybe we can actually make some money by making “Defence” the top item in our national budget without commensurate results…”

“Maybe we can supply them with inflammable life jackets, and not the bullet proof vests they actually need”

“Perhaps we should organise a phantom “cease-fire agreement” with these terrorists, come up with some huge bills which oga won’t mind signing (you know he’s desperate to look like he’s in charge, which we all know he’s not)?”

But you get the gist already. They have even ordered the arrest of the local militiamen that were fighting (and driving back) the terrorists. That shows the side they are on, in my own opinion.

Our enemies are not people of another faith. They are the people that have the ability and capacity to do more than they are doing, and for reasons unknown to most of us, are apparently not doing enough.

To believe that the Muslim establishment is behind the Boko Haram insurgency is to not be aware of the atrocities that have been carried out in the last few years, devastating the economy, livelihood, homes and communities of those communities in the Northern part of Nigeria. Many have been made orphans, many have become widows, and people sleep with one eye open. Just a few days ago, the Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II was publicly asking people not to believe that the government will come to protect anyone anymore. Many have believed that the government would protect them, only to see the soldiers themselves flee into Cameroon; they have seen Boko Haram take over big towns in Bornu and Adamawa, renaming (Islamising) towns, and establishing sharia law there.

When it comes to the handling of the kidnap of Nigeria’s citizens, there is an embarrassing litany of events that have taken place in the last few months, with amazing disinformation and deliberate misinformation emanating from the highest seats of government. Every act of negligence turns out to aid the territorial advancement of the enemies of us all. And some people are now telling me that I should look elsewhere for the people that would see us decimated?

Nigeria’s citizens in the North (both Christians and Muslims) are praying very fervently that “these people” do not succeed in their evil plans. Because if they do, there will be nothing left of “Nigeria, as we know it” by the time they are through with us.

I advise people to go beyond praying though. Shine your eyes, and demand better. I join the late prophet, Robert Nesta Marley in asking every Nigerian to “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…” and one day soon, we shall all sing Redemption Songs.

Chukwudi Adepoju is @adechuks on twitter.

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