“Dear Dad,”

                                                                                                                                                                   Chukwudi Adepoju
12th May 2014.

My dear Dad,

I have written this letter in my head a number of times; making mental notes of things I need to tell you when I eventually write, so this is me, writing the first one. I hope you get it though. Wait! What’s the post code of Heaven?

Can you believe it’s been 2,854 days already since you passed away from this earth, and went to be with the Heavenly Father? It means that in a little over 3 months, it will be eight years since I last heard your voice, not counting the numerous times I hear you in my head, of course! How time flies!

A lot has happened since 20 July 2006, the day that my cheeky lil’ sister told me in her own way,

Elder Buraimoh Adepoju and Chukwudi. Aug 1982
Elder Buraimoh Adepoju and Chukwudi. Aug 1982

“Your daughter’s grandfather has passed on o..”,

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