“My Daddy said…”

“My Daddy said I can play outside…”
“My Daddy said he will buy me a bicycle for Christmas!”
“My Daddy said he will take us to Disneyland during the holidays”
“My Daddy said I can have it!”

We see and hear children revel in the power of their Daddies to do and undo. We see them wait for just the “word” from their fathers. Then they take off, based solely on that word. Yes, mothers have some of that power as well, but there is something extra-ordinary about what Daddy said. Even Mummy will be confronted boldly with “…but Daddy said…”

Once Daddy gives the permission to do something, no-one can challenge the child that knows about it. He will let you know on whose authority he is riding in the rain. He will let you know that his actions are backed up by a power that’s higher than him; and higher than you that is challenging him.

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