“Promise kọ, Premise ni!”; How to RUIN a nation with promises!

When H. D. Lasswell wrote his hugely popular book “Politics: Who Gets What, When, and How” as a young academic in 1936, he probably was not thinking about post-colonial Nigeria where it sounds more appropriate to say Nigeria’s politics is about who “promises us what, when, and why!”.

As the year 2015 draws closer, we fully enter into another season when they (the politic-ians) infringe on our personal space again, and start with their many promises. We start to hear:

“Don’t worry, I will make youth unemployment a thing of the past in this country!”

“Before you know what is happening, the Second Niger Bridge (SNB) will be started, completed and commissioned”

“That Expressway will be completed before December 20…. “

“By December, we should start generating 10,000 Megawatts of electricity”

“I will fight corruption forcefully, and ensure there are no sacred cows”

“No, our party is the one that cares for the masses. We will build world-class infrastructure”

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