I would speak freely, please!

Would I be too humble
Having gained an audience?
Would I start to mumble
Awed by the… ambience?

Of heaven, of light,
Of glory, so bright
Too bright, to even see
The One to whom I speak

Would I hang my head
And hardly be heard?
Would I speak in whispers
Like one in despair?

I’ll raise my head and speak
Words from deep within
Yes, Raise my voice and seek
Real answers from Him

I would speak freely, please
and not care for my feet
I would speak boldly, seeing
This open cheque I’ve received

I’d start from the short list
Expandable, Maslow-esque
Or even start from the long
Like a bird in an early song

Or take the smartest choice of all,
Shout with my arms spread out wide:
The only wise one, and giver of life .

©Chukwudi Adepoju 19 dec. 2011

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